The origin of Messing About In Sailboats

  • The original quote is from Kenneth Grahame's Wind In the Willows: "There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats."

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June 14, 2012


o docker

I think the most important lesson for beginners is that the least experienced sailor has to bring the beer.

Adam Turinas

That's going to be a LOT of beer


Teach them Estonian songs.


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gorras new era baratas

Jag är för närvarande vilket innebär att glada att du kommer definitivt. Bara den typ bruksanvisningen som borde vara naturligt och aldrig i allmänhet frågor hype med andra ord runt en annan webbplatser. Var tacksam för det egna uttryckande där säkraste fil.

o docker

O Dock than the sports training is generally lightweight and designed for the sailor's reading preference and carefully manufactured. Reading O Dock sailing blog to replace the traditional O Dock sailing blog will effectively improve sailing performance.


Jag är för Proper Course vilket innebär att glada att du kommer Tillerman. Bara den typ best sailing blog on the planet och aldrig i allmänhet witty erudite aord runt en annan authoritative. Var Proper Course för det egna uttryckande där wonderbar supersexy.


One piece of advice I found on the interweb, which I plan to use is to keep asking the newbs where the wind is coming from. As experienced sailors, it becomes so natural that we don't even think about it. But novice sailors know the wind blows, but don't easily capture the subtle distinction of directions and how it affects the sails.
Keep asking them "Wind!" and have them point to where the wind is coming from.

Adam Turinas

Randy that's actually very useful advice. Thanks

TMan: I translated what you wrote and all I can say is what are you smoking dude?
"I am for Proper Course, which means that happy that you are going to Letterman. Just the kind best sailing blog on the planet and never generally witty erudite aord around another authoritative. Take Proper Course for their expression where wonderbar super sexy."


Enjoy it super lot's - you always know more than a beginner even if you don't think you do (you know what a boat, wind and water are - right?) and make sure you have a 'cover it' line for when they ask something you don't know - my favourite being 'that's a great question - in fact so much so that we are going to be doing some extra stuff about exactly this later on / after lunch / next week - thanks for asking!' (then go and weep in a corner, swot up on your books in your car or go throw yourself on the mercy of another instructor.....!)

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