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June 14, 2011



Did I ever mention before that I wish they'd still be sailing 12 meters? No cartwheels and you can leave the masts up overnight.

o docker

I think what they haven't figured out yet is that, to keep the boats from capsizing, they will need to add some sort of weight under the boat to act as, well, a kind of counterbalance thing.

They could make this from any number of materials, but probably a very dense metal would be best.

If it were fashioned in the form of a narrow but deep sort of fin, it could add the required weight but still pass through the water efficiently.

I know this is kind of a whacky idea, but in the world of high-tech racing machines, they need to be thinking outside the box.

Adam Turinas

That's a very good idea. They may also consider bring the ammas together, even creating a single hull, er, wait...


What's the big deal? Lasers capsize all the time.

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