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April 06, 2011


Chandler Howell

I switched over to the butyl tape method a year ago based on old SailNet post by MaineSail and have to agree that the stuff is magic for sealing things so long as you create the gaps for the tape to smoosh into.

I ordered my roll, which at current usage rates will probably be a nearly-lifetime supply, from an RV supply Web site for about $20.

He also did an outstanding post on how to seal through-deck holes, too, including nice cut-aways of different methods so you can see why the Nigel Calder "just ream around in the core with a bend nail or allen wrench" method is a Really Bad Idea unless you make your living repairing wet core.

He has a wealth of knowledge at


This is without a doubt The Most Controversial Article I Will Ever Read About Bedding Deck Hardware.

Adam Turinas

I bought some of this stuff and I will tell you how I get on

Compass Marine


Just a point of clarification. I never worked at Morris. I have friends who have worked at Morris, Hinckley & Lyman Morse among others but I never have. Sorry that was not clear in the article. I was taught the bevel technique by a friend at Hinckley back in the 1980's.

My shot at Don Casey is more about the technique than the individual as I highly respect Don's work and dedication to the community!

Doing a proper tighten twice is nowhere near as easy as he makes it sound thus thousands of boats with wet decks who have attempted the tighten twice method. If done properly it CAN work. I just rarely, if ever, see it done properly..

-Compass Marine

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