The origin of Messing About In Sailboats

  • The original quote is from Kenneth Grahame's Wind In the Willows: "There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats."

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January 14, 2011



that's pretty fugly. the sails seems just a bit out of place, and the color scheme? meh.


Yes, but you can probably get drinks with umbrellas on that boat!


In the context of its location (Vietnam) it is no more ugly than many of the cruise boats that ply the Caribbean. At least it makes some attempt to recreate a traditional local style of boat.

According to the website for the cruise line... "Dining is one of the highlights of the Bhaya. In an atmosphere of elegant luxury, you can enjoy a wonderful array of Vietnamese and International cuisines, served by waitresses in traditional costume. Our lavish Dining Room can cater for a romantic dinner, or a festive group banquet in imperial splendor, just meters from the scenic wonders of Halong Bay. Adjoining the Dining Room, Bhaya’s Bar is perfect for a relaxing aperitif. The bar serves an extensive selection of lagers, liquors, exotic cocktails and light snacks until late."

No mention of little umbrellas Baydog but I wouldn't be surprised.

O Docker

I applaud Baydog's ability to see the redeeming properties of any boat. His glass must be half-full.

And imperial splendor is getting harder and harder to come by.


You Americans totally blew the whole imperial splendor thing. You were part of the most splendid empire in the history of the world and you gave it up in some tiff about taxes on tea or something.


I'm sure they have a wicked selection of tea they're offering too! I actually would be very happy aboard that ship; Vietnamese cuisine is one of my faves.


If you're aboard, you don't have to look at it.

I wonder if Bart at has this one?

o docker

You're right, Bonnie. This has been a great lesson in perspective.

To some, this is merely an ugly ship. To others, it is an opportunity to relive the splendor of a once-great empire.

For yet others, it is a roast suckling pig, served with unknowable vegetables in exotic sauces.

And for some of us, it is a chance to get drunk

Adam Turinas

So I am taking that as a maybe


There is no such thing as an ugly boat, just the wrong perspective.

No wait. I think I got that wrong.

There is no such thing as ugly weather, just ugly clothes.

Hmmm, that's still not quite right.

Ugliness is in the ear of the beholder?

I think there's something wrong with my cliché memory.

Anyway, where is the poll?

Adam Turinas

I think there are plenty of ugly boats but that would be a subjective opinion.

You participated in it. I was using comments.


But is real beauty on the outside or the inside?

Adam Turinas

In this case, inside. Outside is damn ugly in my opinion. I am sure it's lovely inside.

Carol Anne

Oooh, now I'm getting hungry!


Talk to me, Carol Anne.


It's ugly but I have seen worse.....but she can go in the site of I get it up & working again some time. (don't ask: long story)

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