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  • The original quote is from Kenneth Grahame's Wind In the Willows: "There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats."

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December 27, 2010


Marina Del Rey Boat|Yacht

Marina Del Rey Boat- Of course the services of a good boat cleaning service are required when buying or selling a used sailboat.

Many sins can be hidden on the unseen boat bottom.

A good underwater survey with still pictures and video can be valuable in recording the before and after state of the boat bottom.

Captain Bill

Just read the 20-page PDF on your sailboat buying experience and advice.

I couldn't agree more when you say in the conclusion; "There are no short cuts for research and preparation."

Well said and solid advice.



Linda at beachside cottage

HI! Thank you for posting and sharing/creating this information. My hubby and I are just starting to look into buying a sailboat over the next year and we appreciate experienced perspectives' in this process. Your boat is beautiful and hope you are enjoying every minute with her! Again, appreciate your clear and thorough guideline for purchasing a used boat...or any boat! We're going to start with a small one for local travel, see how we like it, and then one day purchase more of a dream boat. Thanks again! Happy Sailing---
Linda (South Florida)

The Cruising Kitty

Your 'How To Buy A Used Sailboat' is fantastic! I am currently blogging on the 'cost to get cruising' and walking through the overwhelming processes of boat design research and the purchase process.

You must have saved me at least 2 years time. That's 2 years more on-the-water time and 2 years closer to the dream! You can share my sardines and tequila anytime.

A big thanks from,

Captain Cat at 'The Cruising Kitty'

In ‘How To Buy A Used Sailboat – Step 1’, Adam Turinas asks some straightforward questions to help potential buyers make sure they get the right boat for their real needs.

His questions seem routine at first glance but are worth serious consideration. Buy a boat for what you are really going to do, not what you vaguely might hope to do. ‘Hope is not a strategy,’ he says.

I like his method (and our plan will only be looking at used boats…), so I’ll bang through his quick questions here with respect to...

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