The origin of Messing About In Sailboats

  • The original quote is from Kenneth Grahame's Wind In the Willows: "There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats."

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May 12, 2010


Dennis @ Marine Electronics

Just want to add - #3 - check the weather not only before heading out, but during a longer outing. Oh, and #10 - always have appropriate safety equipment on your boat, such as GPS locator, a marine radio, etc .

Carol Anne Byrnes

Number One is sooooo important. Look for details on my blog in a few days; right now, that's something our friend's family can't deal with. After the memorial service, maybe they'll be better able to cope.


I just posted a basic article about PFDs on Desert Sea after an honest-to-goodness real live person asked me to explain what a PFD is and what it does.

Pat (rgscpat, desertsea)

The SafeBoater article was a bit confusing because of the way it intermixed small craft and big ships. One other itty bitty nitpick was its placing the Turks and Caicos islands southwest of Miami in disaster no. 10 "(about 500 miles SW of Miami, Fl)"

Jane Warren

Thanks for posting info for the positive side of boating. As in any sport - there is always danger, and being prepared and focused on safety bodes well in any activity.
It's that time of year for enjoying our boats!
Jane Warren, Publisher

M. Sullivan

Number 4 is certainly important, unfortunately it seems to many people leave their common sense at the dock. It seems to many people (recreational boater) seem to think that once they step on a boat it's time to party and forget how dangerous a boat can be. I live in NH and fortunately for NH residents the Department of Safety Division of Marine Patrol require all boaters to be certified in order to operate a boat.

DIY Boats

Number 2 is a must! Never drink and drive. It can get you killed on road and it can kill you at sea. Or at least you make a lot of damage or kill some other people. Don't drink and drive a boat!


I just wrote my boating license on I actually learned a lot from the study guide and practice test questions they had on the website.

Boat insurance

Loved the article, great information on boating! Thanks for the information! Please check out our site on boat insurance at!


Very good information here. Many people don’t seem to realize that many of the boating laws are for their own safety as well as the boaters. Thank you!

marine paneling

Boat safety is very important on every boat trip because it prevents further accidents and to make sure that nobody gets hurt. Every rules and regulations on the boat must be followed religiously so that mishaps and unfortunate accidents will be prevented.

Chris William Brand

This is very educational!I hope every boater should know these rules and abide by it for safety.

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