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  • The original quote is from Kenneth Grahame's Wind In the Willows: "There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats."

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April 23, 2009



I think that the top picture is a smaller catamaran that Alinghi is using for practice. The statement from SNG today makes it clear that Alinghi intends to race the DoG match in "their 90x90ft boat".


I am 100% for a DOG match between two huge multi-hulls. How is that less exciting than the "traditional" multi-challenger event? Especially since traditional = since the 70s or something.

Honestly, this race will be cool (if it happens).


Right on Edward.

Adam Turinas

I am sure that watching these gargantuan cats will be exciting. There are bound to be some insane camera angles.

That said two boats match racing 9 times (I guess) is not much of a regatta and yes Lord Tillerman, I know that you will say it's like the old days with two rich old coots trotting out the most expensive boats they can and that AC was becoming like any old regatta...

I am just saying that's all


From what I could glean it is still possible that the newly created AC33 design may be used instead of the multihulls. Valencia is rushing to create two regattas this year...Im just happy they are planning to sail instead of continuing court battles. I need some real paella and a cold Estrella Limon ASAP!

David Fuller

The top Photo is a 'Decision 35' catamaran. they are sailed on Lake Geneva amongst other places and Ernesto would be sailing it no matter what was happening in the America's Cup. It has nothing to do with the DOG Match boat. Just like BMW ORACLE are running an eXtreme 40 cat this year for 'practise'.


9 exciting races is about all the sailboat racing I'd "watch" anyway. Deep down, it's not that interesting to see other people sail no matter how many times they do it in a regatta.

I'm going to sail on a friend's F31 tri in a few weeks...that will be fun.

Lord Tillerman

Adam says that "two boats match racing 9 times is not much of a regatta". Why not? Think of it as the World Series of sailing... as opposed to the last Cup and challenger series and all those "Acts" being more like the regular baseball season. And who has the patience to watch every game in the regular season? Not me.

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