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February 23, 2009


Carol Anne

Well, if you mean where I've literally dreamed of going, that's Wisconsin. I've had this recurring dream, since I was in 7th grade, of packing all of my stuff and whatever cat(s) I had at the time into whatever car I (or my parents) had at the time, and driving to Wisconsin. I have no idea why. The initial occurrence of this dream predated my first experience of sailing by about a year, but I hear that (at the right time of year) there's good sailing in and near Wisconsin.

Then one year, as a project for a school French class, I had to write a report about a French-speaking country. I somehow ended up with New Caledonia, and it sounded like a wonderfully peaceful, off-the-beaten-path place to go. Since then, I've seen the island written up in a couple of sailing publications, and those articles have only reinforced my wish to go there.

As a fan of New Zealand's national sailing team (especially back when America's Cup teams were national), and as the owner of a boat that pays homage to that program, I would also like to sail that nation's waters, not just Auckland, but around the coast of both islands, seeking out lesser-known ports of call.


Nice list. Bora Bora is on mine and for a contrast have also checked out that company that sells sailing holidays around Cape Horn.

Antigua sailing week is an every year near-miss;)


Hayling Island.

Only 566 days to go.


I spent two fo the best weeks of my life in New Zealand. I saw both North and South islands and did not want to come back to the States at the end of the trip. After almost 15 years, I still daydream about going back. It was then a simpler, quieter, less synical place. They have more sailboats per capita than any other nation and plenty of places to sail. Aukland or Queenstown would do quite nicely, thank you very much.


Sailing from anywhere on the east coast of Australia to Lord Howe Island, mooring in the lagoon, going ashore and enjoying a few days in this World Heritage listed paradise.

One of the best things is that there's a limit of 400 tourists staying on the island at any time.


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