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August 12, 2008



It's all at

Carol Anne

According to the television schedules that I've seen, which were either produced by NBC of based on information provided by NBC, there is no plan to provide any coverage whatsoever of the Olympic sailing. That's right, none. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Maybe it's because Qingdao is so darn far from Beijing that the network powers-that-be decided sending somebody that far wasn't worth it. And maybe it's because NBC doesn't believe the American public is all that interested in sailing.


It's hopeless. Perhaps if it was windier there would be motivation to produce some sort of one-minute highlight package. A 49er gybe mark in 15 knots would seem to provide at least as much exciting footage as watching two people falling off a 3-story building at the same time and in the same manner, but in 6 knots of breeze it's probably more boring than rowing.
I did see Costas ask one of the swimming commentators to put Phelps' performance in perspective for the average American who says, "Well, no one was defending against him or hitting him or throwing balls at 90 miles an hour at him." The swimming commentator tried to explain that just swimming 200 meters is hard enough for most people...imagine Gary Jobson trying to explain sailing to the average American who thinks like Costas.
I had the same type of problem with the winter Olympics back in the day of VCR's. I had scheduled the VCR to record some men's slalom skiing, and the network preempted it for some sort of pairs ice dancing that wasn't on the schedule and wasn't a medal performance anyway.

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NBC is one of the best channel in the world, I would like to get a job there because I am studying to be a journalist !

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