The origin of Messing About In Sailboats

  • The original quote is from Kenneth Grahame's Wind In the Willows: "There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats."

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April 14, 2008



Love ya! Mean it!

(And I'll give you a dollar if you actually find and post a photo of a pig on a sailboat.)



I love it too! It's hard to keep a blog going with new content, but I read yours everytime you post something. Why not post about what other boats are doing? You could subscribe to their newsletters and then write about what sailboat owners/businesses are doing. Just a thought ;-)


So thats a no to cats on boats then? :(

I know the feeling - creating good content is time consuming and doing something interesting which could write about also time consuming.

Suggest new plan:
1) win lottery
2) retire
3) use time to do lots of interesting water related fun stuff and then write about it

I've got a series of posts have been wanting to do last few months but not enough time to do them justice (yet)


Four words:

Hot Girls in Bikinis

Adam Turinas

Wayyyy too much competition for that


start with:


I like Cats; and boats. So what's wrong with Cats on boats?


In case you're wondering, preparing to cross an ocean doesn't give you the tons of extra content you'd expect. I'd go with the sea shanty thing.

Johnny Tarr

I don't know about boring. I am so new to sailing that anything I can find is a real help. I mean without the dedication of people like you what would I have to read every morning?

Carol Anne

Send me money to replace the camera that broke, and I'll send you a picture of a Maine Coon Cat on a Laser II.

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