The origin of Messing About In Sailboats

  • The original quote is from Kenneth Grahame's Wind In the Willows: "There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats."

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March 18, 2008



There's a boat near mine in the marina with the name "Tom Jones" it's tender is called "Delilah", and it's owner has a small motor launch called "it's not unusual".

I think I can see a theme there?


nice blog

Cruise Deals

"Carpe Diem or Seas the day" ? COME ON! Lost in translation... My friend had a boat called "Lucky", we added the "Un" to it later on :)


I like the number 4 name;Amazing Grace- because every time i sailed on high seas, it reminds me that the Grace of God on me is always there,inspite and even i traveled in great dangers in high seas and frightening waves. I would like to recommend a good boat that is full of quality and durability,that would last...just click this site and you see the difference boat tops I count on them,that's why i recommend it to all...Thanks

Mark Brown

Carpe Diem, it's clever in a weird kind of way. I almost didn't get it until I've said the translation out loud over and over again. Also, I wouldn't want to get on board a boat with the name Wanderlust; I might have a hard time getting back to shore.

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Well some of the names are really dumb, I would need some time to figure out a good name.

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Very good names, my favorite is the "Wanderlust", sounds really cool.

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I think that my father will buy a new boat , I will think about the name of the boat, excellent list of names !

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in fact the name I put to my boat was "S.S Liberty Spirt" why? well in first instance becuase my father named Liberty to his boat, and Spirit for my father spirit, for that reason I choose that name.

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You are right even in movies and tv programs. Boat always has the same names. They should at least read a list and try to avoid those names.


Aquaholic? come on it sounds so crappy!


My favorite name is Netzah and it is the hebrew word for victory and endurance. I love the meaning of it for a sailboat , we just bought an aluminium sailboat and it was the name given to her since the very beginning. we kept it and love it.

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A lot of interesting things found on your blogs, like the topic! The author thanks and success in the blog!

Teresa OR

A bit long but perfect I think.

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