The origin of Messing About In Sailboats

  • The original quote is from Kenneth Grahame's Wind In the Willows: "There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats."

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October 22, 2007



Y'Ought too!

When I bought my dinghy, my wife and friends instisted that I name it. Originally I was thinking "Pinwheel" in deference to my sailing technique, but "Swell" won out. I called it that because:
Yachties are "swells".
My friends and family are swell.
I like to sail on swells.
...and finally, that what my lower body does when I kiss my boat goodnight! _/)

'Tis Himself, OM

In Wisconsin in the 1970s there was an E-Scow with "HELP" painted upside down on the transom.


what about "Astamouth"? Works best in a frilly, pretentious script.


There is a boat in Brighton marina called Costa Lotta. How Cringe-worthy!




Blow Jib


My 27' boat is appropriately called 'Floating A-Loan'


How about "Harvey Wharfbanger"
or "Never Again II"

George Kennedy

We once followed a yacht down the east coast of Australia. Every time the yacht did a radio check it was funny to hear the comments of the different radio operators. The boat was named "While you are down there"


for a sailboat

Below Me

The e is silent


So....What's your boat name?

Captain Mark

what about AFTICA Another F**k'n Toy I Cant Afford

Mark Brown

I can't stop smiling after reading Nauti Nurses. I imagined a distress call being made and mentioning the name of the boat. I'll bet whoever answer that distress call is trying hard not to giggle while relaying the message.


FUJIMO always drew a crowd at the Bayview/Mackinac race. I learned what BN meant when a crewmate said his dream was to BN on FUJIMO. hehe.

S Mahoney

Ship for Brains

Grand Haven Michigan


these are very funny


I'm naming my boat and here are my top picks "Chum Lord", "Filthy Oar", "Lackamoolah", "My place oar yours", "Ship Faced", and "Happy Hooker"


I know a guy with a catamaran called "double penetration" makes me laugh every time i see it

גני אירועים בחיפה

best thing I saw was a boat, I almost bought. He was a guy who flying11 and was tryin to sell it was a mate of mine who has spent most of his time in the piss. Then he painted the bottem part of the hull was under water bright yellow and called "Sunnyside Up"


I am buying my first sailboat in a couple weeks. Already have a name picked out for it "The Stabbin' Cabin"

Sims McGrath

What about the racing boat named "Sofa King Fast"? (You have to say it fast, and out loud.)


The largest vending machine owner in Michigan (owning a large company with tens of thousands of machines in three states) has a yacht named "Just Quarters".


One name for a sail boat I did not see here is " Bewinched "


WOW, I was just talking aobu tthe "Shoot low, they're riding Chickens" boat! AWESOME! Would love it if anyone had a picture of it!

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