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  • The original quote is from Kenneth Grahame's Wind In the Willows: "There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats."

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June 17, 2007


Craig Lutke

The Bilge Pumps have an original song that might fit on the list. It's called Pirating the Seas and you can get it free on our welcome page.
For those pirates looking up to and down to 40. :)


Hi, I remember jimmy buffet while sailing ag 2011 pr-bahamas it was killing teh captain, cat stevens oh i loved it... till He suddendly got a anger attack and tru the cat stevens away (in the water) anyway and he did played like one million times this song i cant get to remember the singer album son name but this line why why why kill my love, something like that i was like indu music i would love to know whats the lyrics and name of the song! Merry christmas

Boat Captains License

Great list! My fiancee is planning to surprise me by taking me out on his new boat one night (I ruined the surprise I know). I will have to compile a CD of some of these songs to take with us. It help-s that I already own a majority of the artists listed, so maybe I'll have to download the ones I don't know. Thanks again for this list.

justin chasser

Orinocco flow and sail away by enya are the same song.


thanks, just what i've been looking for :). Was writing an email about ships and cant think of a good subject line so i searched for songs about sea and sailing hehe.


I'm super late to the party, but these are on my sailing list -
* Heart "Mistral Wind"
* Broken Bells "Sailing To Nowhere"
* VAST "The Blue"
* Republic Tigers "Buildings and Mountains"

The last one to me, is about sailors who find more peace on the sea than they do amongst the 'landlubbers'. I live in New England and the melody alone conjures images of the tempestuous North Atlantic and the old sea dogs who love her.

The VAST song for some reason reminds me of "Edmund Fitzgerald". Similar melodies, perhaps?

Happy sailing :)


Procol Harum

A Salty Dog

Too Much Sea Between Us

Wreck of the Hesperus


The cutest was when Cartman from South Park sings I'm sailing away.

one of the ones

I hope you guys will still support my cd project. I'm not dead. I'm just aspergered.
I hadn't realized there were so many songs. If you like the idea send money to my substance and content will someday be packaged and sold. I'm taking donation for 100's of ideas that will help the world.

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