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  • The original quote is from Kenneth Grahame's Wind In the Willows: "There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats."

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June 17, 2007



Bravo on a superb competition/ audience participation event.

Damn you. Wish I had thought of this first. (Only joking.)


Thanks very much for starting this project. My sweetheart and I love music as much as we do sailing, and the two together are great!

Our sailing music collection is better for having participated in this list!

Chris Parker

Hey Guys/Gals,
Sorry, I'm new at this anad I got my songs onto some other topic, Gone Sailing, so go there to find a few more good sailing songs.

Chris Parker

You know, you're mentioning of, and it's inclusion in the top ten of "Brandy" brings up another salient point about sailing songs. In '71 and '72 Iwas living in the West Indies on charter boats and first heard "Brandy" down there on one of those local way behind the times radio stations and to this day every time I hear that song it brings me right back to the Caribbean, cheezy or not. Elton John's "Rocket Man" of all songs was another one I heard for the first time down there and it always, without fail, brings me back to the drive along the waterfront of Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas which is where, riding in a cab to pick up charter guests or something, I first heard it. It's a sailing song to me!


How in the heck did "Sailin' Around" by John Prine not even make the "complete" list, much less the top ten?

It's an outrage.


And for that matter, where is "What do we do with a drunken sailor?"

Mark Cote

Everybody - Sailing Song


I just found this site yesterday. Sorry to see that nobody seemed to know about Bob Seger's "Ship Of Fools", one great sailing song.


Anyone heard of Billy Joel? The guy is all about boats and fishing and sailing - Named The Downeaster Alexa after his daughter, right?. It's in my top 5.


Some other good ones are

"Tahitian Moon" by Porno For Pyros
"Sail on Sailor" by Mustard Seed Faith


Good list, but what about John Denver's Calypso!


Peter, Paul and Mary Puff the Magic Dragon, great sing-a-long


Brand New - Play Crack the Sky
cool song about sailing


Let's go highbrow...Strauss, opera theme from "Fliegende Hollander" (The Flying Dutchman), and then for the kids, Jimmy Buffett, Jolly Mon.

Dave D

You should also check out Angela Bofill's The Voyage, a super sailing song with amazing vocals.

David A

Try the traditional ballad "Lord Franklin" by Pentangle about attempting the Northwest Passage in the age of sail. Wonderfully atmospheric.

patrick whitehead

add Dreamboat Annie by Heart to your great list of songs!

The Wise Man

It's amazing how "The Mariner's Revenge Song" is not in this list...

Jordan Hydro

Crosstalk performers try to use funny conversations to make the audience laugh.


And what about Bob Segar's In Your Time... 'Feel the wind and set yourself a bolder course'

Gunther Montez

Anyone remember Sea of Love?


Enya- Sail away makes me push the acceleration real hard.

Mark Brown

Well, the winners are decent. My personal preference would be Sailing by Christopher Cross. I feel a bit nostalgic as the wind blows the sails with this song.

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Try the traditional ballad "Lord Franklin" by Pentangle attempt the Northwest Passage in the age of sail. Wonderfully atmospheric.

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