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June 03, 2007


Tets Sakai

My all time favorite:

"Silver on the tree / angel tears " by Maggie reilly

Album ; Midnight Sun


Loudan Wainwright's III Good Ship Venus, from Rogue's Gallery.

Too vulgar to quote here, but a lot of rousing fun.


There's a celtic/pop band from Newfoundland called Great Big Sea that have released several great boating songs; Lukey, Captain Kidd, Boston & St Johns, Wave over Wave, and A Boat like Gideon Brown's are my favs.


Valperaiso by Sting

Tom O'Keefe

Favorite sailing song:
On Moonlight Bay

Gary Bruner

Oh man! I see no reference to the great Stan Rogers, a Canadian songwriter/singer far beyond most on this list. He was AMAZING before his untimely death in an air accident back in the eighties. I think I have ALL of his albums, including "Home in Halifax", recorded live.
Super songs include: White Squall, The Mary Ellen Carter, Barrett's Privateers, Make and Break Harbor, Fogarty's Cove, and The Bluenose, to name but a few.

Also, one should hear Eric Bogel's tribute to Rogers entitled "Safe in the Harbor", a song I've requested by played at my funeral.

Guaranteed satisfaction!


Rio - Duran Duran

How could you miss out Stan Rogers?
- Barret's Privateers
- Mary Ellen Carter
- Flowers of Bermuda

Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald - Gordon Lightfoot

John Stott

"Down Under" Men at work. For me at least is a great sailing song. It was played aboard Australia II in 1983 on the way out to the course. The song epitomizes the whole style of the campaign, one of pride in your country when abroad and keeping faith in your own abilities against the odds. I believe it helped win the cup.

J. Lee Maier

Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald - Gordon Lightfoot
Landfall - Jimmy Buffett
Son of a son of a sailor - Jimmy Buffett

Chris Caswell

Any CD by Gene Mitchell has great sailing songs, also check out Jim Morris (Laid Back and Key Wasted) and don't miss Glenn Yarborough (Chanteyman and I Could Have Been A Sailor).

Lasse Johannsen

The beautiful South: I sail this ship alone

Buck Margold

All by Jimmy Buffet:
son of a sailor
mother ocean
if I had a boat
sea of heartbreak
one particular harbor
captain and the kid
changes in latitudes

Ken Legg

Sail On Sailor- Beach Boys

tim platt

Southern Cross--CSN
Come Sail Away--Styx
Sloop Jonby--Beach Boys
The Drunken Sailor
Margaritaville--Jimmy Buffett
Kokomo-Beach Boys
Hot hot hot--Buster Poindexter
Brown-eyed Girl--Van Morrison
Pirate--Jimmy Buffet
Change in Latitudes--Jimmy Buffet


How about “Take It Back”---Jimmy Buffett

From Jimmy's Notes:
I got a call one day to write a song for the Stars and Stripes challenge. The Americans were trying to win the American Cup back from the Australians. Soon after that, my first trip to Australia came together, and we opened the tour in Perth at the time of the race. For me, it was the party of the 80's, and I think of this as the background music for an incredible stay down under.

Bill Noble

Enya sang "Sailing" or "Orinonco Flow" which should be in the top 10.

J Rosenberg

My personal all-time favorite is The Wind by Cat Stevens

Gust Stringos

Sloop John B- Kingston Trio and others...


David Gray's 'Sail Away' brings to mind a quiet beach sunset...

Bertie Werley

Alex Bevin, a musician that plays at Put-In-Bay,Ohio, wrote a song "Little Wings Upon the Water" inspired by our District's Bemis, Symthe and Sear's regatta. It's incredible!

Frank Hunter

My favorites:
Mother Ocean, ( A pirate looks at 40)....

Son of A Sailor

Changes in Lattitudes...

Sailing, Christopher Cross

Paul Offer

The Doors - Land Ho!
many good songs listed here, but this is my favorite, a classic tale.

Jeff Greenwood

Sunny Sailor Boy, by Luka Bloom is a fun one.

Susan Dieters

I'm glad someone finally mentioned Brandy by the Looking Glass. That's my favorite and describes most sailor boys I know.

J.P. Clowes

Why Should I Cry for You? --Sting.
The Wild Wild Sea-- Sting

Sailing to Philadelphia -- Mark Knoppfler and James Taylor

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