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August 15, 2012



Hear hear!

I am sick of hearing that GBR does better than USA because they have more money. Sure, the US sailing team probably isn't going to get any government support but isn't this just an opportunity to demonstrate that a country that prides itself as a bastion of free market capitalism can succeed in an endeavor like Olympic sailing better than "socialist" countries like the UK and Australia?

There are over 400 billionaires in the USA as compared to about 30 in the UK and 10 in Australia. Can't US Sailing persuade even one of them to write a check for $30 million? No, wait. Make that $60 million. We need to outspend those pesky Brits 2:1.

Adam Turinas

There are so many interesting stats surrounding the Olympics. My son (who is at at UT) informed me that the University of Texas had more medals than Jamaica and Canada.

OK this is mostly alumni but the point is that a well-organized institution, with facilities, money and a competitive system for creating winners works.

In this case almuni money and maybe State money complimented by sponsorship can fund a winning system


Hello, Calling Larry Ellison. No answer. I'm still waiting for him to build the "world class" sailing center in San Francisco.

Jp Huza

The money is big thing, but attitude means a lot, too. I've mentioned elsewhere that the old guys in the Snipe Class have taken the kids out to teach them tactics and techniques. Everybody ought to be doing that. Low budget sailing clubs that do some racing a couple of times a month, and let anybody join in can help, too. If sails show up on the lake, river, or sound pretty often, the larger population will take notice, and curious new people will become involved. Competitions including strong young people, and old crafty people, will raise the overall skill level, so that anybody who competes for a spot on the team will have to be very, very good.
After that, it is just a matter of finding a purpose. When the Aussies started campaigning for the America's Cup, they raised their game everywhere, and now they have a decades long tradition of winning. The NZ folks were the logical opponents, and they've had to raise their game, too, to stay competitive.
If all the action takes place in the yacht clubs, the US will never get there. If we can get the kids going earlier, the collegiate programs will become seriously formidible. That's where the Olympians will come from.
Actually, I came away feeling hopeful for the future after these Olympics. Our sailors finished at or near the top at least a few times, often enough to show that with just a bit more luck they might have made the podium.
I was sad about the excellent Elliot crew's quick exit. It didn't seem fair after their successes.
Sorry for the ramble.

Jp Huza

Let me try again, this time much shorter:
Once we get the skateboarders sailing, the US will be unbeatable.

E. Banner

I'd have to agree with Jp for the most part.
Those communities located near waterways,either lakes or coastal, need to encourage the sailing activities. And not everything has to be so darned costly. Donations can be found. Boats can be built and then sailed in a joint learning experience. Clubs could be formed again and simple competitions held. Lose the " I'm instantly going to be a highly paid, sponsored, Olympic hopefull" mentallity and sail for the fun of it. Share your knowledge with less fortunate individuals, underpriveledged or physically challenged kids and see what wonderful responces you get from their families. Bring sailing back into schools. Learn science, physics,and physical educations skills.Come on America...we can do this!


Enjoying being a pesky Brit :)

(C'mon - its not often we get the chance to be proud of stuff!!)

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Sure, the Olympic games were amazing like always in fact. But, after a fortnight, have to get back on earth, or for some people on boat !

Amanda Zorc

My boyfriend and I are taking a leap of faith, We have recently sold everything we own and are planning on setting sail next month. As money is getting tighter and we are getting closer to our sail date I have been reaching out to a few select preferred companies to ask for donation of products that I may be able to use and blog about on our journey. Your product has been highly recommended. If there is any chance you could donate any merchandise or products to our cause that would be amazing. I will be blogging and we will be on GPS tracker for all to follow. We still need a Dinghy, Water Maker, Flags, Safety Gear, Cookware, Clothing, Lines, New Sail, Solar Panels, Dive Gear, and more. We would greatly appreciate any help you could provide.
Hope to hear from you soon,

Domnic & Amanda


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