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November 09, 2009



The America's Cup has become a joke. The last great Cup challenge was in Australia in 1987, when Dennis Conner won it back. The racing was fierce, the wind honked every single day, and the coverage was spectacular (ESPN). The Volvo race that just ended a few months ago was the most spectacular sailing race I've seen to date. By far more enticing than hearing of a couple of billionaires fight about rules and not out on the water racing where they should be.


The America's Cup has never been in finer shape. The legal maneuvering has been fierce and exciting. The coverage of the legal battle by Cory Friedman on Scuttlebutt has been spectacular. (The recent Volvo race was a big yawn - even some of the sailors went to sleep while they were racing!) The technologies and boats being developed by both teams are amazing and when you see these boats race it will blow your mind. Thank you Larry and Ernesto for recreating the true spirit of the America's Cup.




Isn't the AC the one that's been replaced by the Louis Vuitton or the kind of racing they had in New Zealand a year ago?

I'll go with Sir Thomas Lipton's true spirit.

Carol Anne

I stand with what I said after becoming the first person to vote in the poll, before you had this post up. I think the America's Cup has been tarnished, possibly irreparably. Maybe some other regattas are becoming more important -- the Volvo Ocean Race certainly did get good television coverage, albeit not in the mainstream media -- but it seems to me that sailboat racing in general isn't as interesting to the world as it used to be.


Litigation is not sporting, and fighting over nuances of rules sucks the life out of ANY competition.

How do I earn $5 cash now?


God forbid that Ellison wins AC33. THAT would be the end, because then he can legally twist everything his way, even without courts, deforming the AC into whatever suits his needs. However, if Alinghi takes the finish line, and Ellison leaves the picture, the AC stands a chance to recover. Maybe. No sport has ever been abused as Ellison is practising it, and I hope none ever will again. Sports are friendly, Larry...stay away if you can't handle the rules! Volvo is fanatastic, but few people stay glued to the action all the way. The climax is too small and too far away. Volvo is all about getting there in spectacular ways. The AC is all about the climax. Let's hope Alinghi keeps it and restores it to the shine it had! Cheers!

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