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November 02, 2009


O Docker

I wonder how much the piracy will change, or already has changed, what are accepted routes for cruising circumnavigators. How many still consider the Suez Canal an option anymore? Are cruisers going through there in flotillas now? Or does everyone just go via the Cape these days? Does anyone keep tabs on such stuff?


I hope they get home safe.

   Concerned sailor

It is not acceptable that the authorities in the area with vessels that have speeds in excess of 20 knots are unable to intercept a Rival 38 that has a speed of the order of 5 - 6 knots.

What is really happening in this area?


It is clear that they have been warned on many occasions and that Lynn Rival took a risk on a number of occasions.
Finally they were the ones stating on noonsite (a cruisers website) on the ninth of june this year that 'piracy was now not an issue around the seychelles', clearly not true. It is a sad story but form first hand experience with Lynn Rival it is obvious, and many people knowing them state the same that there is another factor than just an unlucky day in 'safe' waters.

Sea Star

You can leave a message of support at follow the route forums -liveaboard Link- Friends of Paul and Rachel / Lynn Rival
Sea Star

Susan Gowler

I knew Paul and Rachel when I was also part of the Vascodagama rally until our boat,Gustavus Vasa hit a reef in the Red Sea. Their situation is dreadful but they seem to have been forgotten about. What is happening? Is there anything we can do?
Susan Gowler

Pete Boddy

Rachel and Paul. If you ever get to read this, welcome home. We have thought of you often over the past year and a bit. I don't know if you remember us, but we were the owners of Admetus, the blue Sadler 32, often moored near you in Lefkas. Take care Pete & Liz Boddy

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