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  • The original quote is from Kenneth Grahame's Wind In the Willows: "There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats."

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July 09, 2009


O Docker

I've read Mine's Bigger and would recommend it, too. More than just a lot of numbers about the world's biggest (some would say most grotesque) sailing yacht, it gives you a look into the minds of the people who must have such things. It's really not about sailing at all. And if you're a technogeek, the description of the engineering is kinda cool, too. He also talks about the lives of the professional crews who work on megayachts - a weird subculture of its own. If you've ever thought that would be a dream job, read this first.

thomas armstrong

The only one on your list I've read is A 'Voyage for Madman'. It's undoubtedly one of my favorites in the canon of sailing books. Really a must read. I've just finished the recent biography of Iain Oughtred by Nic Compton, also a must for those interested in small boat current design and the wooden boat revival. I am currently re-reading Slocum's 'Sailing Alone around the World' and finding it much more interesting than the first read. Try it again.


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