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July 25, 2009



Remember the Woody Allen Rule.

You can't win if you don't finish. Sometimes you can win just by finishing.

Adam Turinas

and judging by this no one did


Wow! Notwithstanding the horrible conditions this year, I'd really like to participate in the ALIR. Adam, any chance you could help me get on a boat next year? Thanks.


Nobody finished? I'm surprised that nobody was stubborn enough to keep going just so he could say, "I won."

Carol Anne

Of course, Laser sailors don't let a little old storm get in the way of a regatta ... Funnel cloud? So what?


Yow! I did it in '04, I think it was, and it was very different--before the start, another boat passed us and we saw that they had an anchor down, so we dropped ours and watched boats go past us backwards, spinnakers flying. They had to postpone the start for an hour for the wind to pick up enough so we could beat the current. Breeze didn't really fill in decently until we got to Montauk--lots of rolling on the swell with the sails slatting. After that, it was great, though, and I'll never forget looking back at the lighthouse in Plum Gut silhouetted against the rising full moon (as we just squeaked by before the tide turned).


The winds made for some great windsurfing, but I can imagine the full sail around Long Island would be tough.


Looks like we were premature. Adam's link now shows that several boats finished including one who won her class as the only finisher.

Woody Allen Rules!!


Hmmm, the Long Island Race's up-and-down wind years seem to prove my point...
On Average, the winds are perfect.

This is a race I'd love to try sometime.

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