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April 28, 2009



Ernesto Bertarelli's new attachment for the AC33 challengers: If they get in front of Alinghi, it blows up.

Lonnie Bruner

"fish finder transducer." -- No doubt. This was done by someone who was afraid to mount it aft and was afraid to drill through the hull. No question.


Looks like it has been dragged down from above where the wire disappears inside the hull, but as to what it actually is, I don't know.


It could be a camera to look for underwater obstructions, or it could be a depth finder/fish finder transducer. The advantage to having it forward is to tell you the water is getting shallow before you discover that with your keel. On my boat, the depth finder transducer is mounted at the stern, but since I draw 18 inches with an essetially flat bottom it doesn't make much difference to me.

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