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April 23, 2008


Carol Anne

It seems to me that, especially for that first solo-round-the-world race, mental instability seems to have been the rule, not the exception. RKJ seems to have been not only the only finisher, but also the only sane one.

Moitessier is fascinating, since he should have won, but he decided that wasn't what he wanted -- he wanted to keep on sailing and kept on sailing, around the world for another lap, instead of finishing the race.

Crowhurst was clever, but unbalanced to the point that he let his ego lead him into a ruse that he later, apparently, couldn't live with.

Tetley ... well, I guess if I learned that I had destroyed my home in an effort to beat an opponent that, it turned out later, didn't exist, I'd probably hate myself too. I fight demons, but the demons he had to fight were far worse.

Phillip Dean

Great summary of a tragic race. There was an excellent movie about the race, and primarily about Crowhurst and his predicament, I believe it is called Deep Water. Worth watching. The movie does a pretty good job of portraying the solitude and challenge of being alone at see, at least to a viewer that has never attempted such a physically and mentally challenging task.

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