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  • The original quote is from Kenneth Grahame's Wind In the Willows: "There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats."

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September 08, 2007



And there is, Master Baiter


hot ruddered bum
si yes da


No joke. Saw this on a catamaran. "Double Penetration"


Guys, didn't get much uptake on this. But email me your address and I'll send you a CD anyway


Bow Movement
Breakin wind


My favorite was the yacht named: "Change Order" and the dinghy named: "original contract" Now that takes nerve!

Michael Breid

Our first catalina 27 was called "Four Play" and we changed that first thing. Our hobie 33 was called "Fast Lane" and we changed that to "Emotional Rescue". Our Kettenberg 38 was called "Reward" and we wouldn't change that for the world! I saw "WOFTAM" waste of f'n time and money! and BOAT for break out another thousand. enjoyed your list!


The ever popular "She Got the House". Or one I saw in Australia: "Time and Money" which I rather like. Of course, "Head First" always brings a smile...


Miss America

Nothing as embarrassing as calling into the race committee to get a slip and saying, Race Committee, this is Miss America" or having to wear the shirts!


The worst I have ever seen, and very common on UK inland waterways (alas) is Myovadraft. Just terrible.

Best one I read about was a Kiwi who had a boat called Dances with Sheep

william Seifert

Sea Clit - on a Ciagrette type with bimbos all over and guys with gold chains and speedos.

There are the old stand bys:

Dad's dream
Mama's mink

Chris Upton

Seaduced Too


Blow Me
L.L. Boat
The Loan Ranger

Teri McKenna

Sail Bad The Sinner - UGH!

David Barrow

Over the years there have been some interesing names around the circuit
Some one had a series of OK dinghies called Hoof Hearted, Hoof Hearted again, and Hoof Hearted the Turd. Saw a powerboat called Pissed N Broke. Dick Jobbins of Fireball fame always somehow managed to get his name into the boat name, Six million $ Dick, and "Slip a dick to me" come to mind.


Poopy Express.

Granted, seen in a non English-speaking country.


Worst name - on offshore type race power boat on a Lake in Arizona! - Blue Vein Throbber.


Okay, first a stupid one that I still laugh at 30 yr.s later. At the US pre-olympic trails in ??? '76 there was a Finn dinghy with this written on the side of it: IF IT DOESN'T COME WHEN YOU CALL IT, WHY NAME IT? (imho also a great name for cats).

Now the one that will most certainly cause me to spew if I happen to see it again (and I'm quite certain I will), 4 SAIL. It doesn't get much lamer than that, although I'll admit the above mentioned 4 PLAY does stir the same feeling of malaise in my guts.


My Assiss Dragon

David Redfern

There's a boat in Falmouth, Cornwall called 'Don't tell the wife' How about that on a Mayday? Mayday, Mayday, Don't tell the wife!'


Andrews Hooker

Some of the worst are WET DREAMS, BLOWN AWAY, MISTRESS, and on the fishing boat MASTER BAITER. CLOUD 9 has to be up in the top ten. The J-22s & J-24s have some very imaginative names, NORWEGIAN WOODY, SEA-CUP(female skipper), BOW DOWN, ALTERNATIVE GIRLFRIEND, RUNS WITH SCISSORS.


On a very large power boat: "Hoosier Daddy" -- YUCHHH!

Gary Schmidt

My two all-time (un) favorites are:

"Wet Dream" and, I'm not making this up - "The World's Largest Prairie Dog" (a Catalina 22 which I raced against in the C22 1986 Nationals.

C Fish.

Mom's Mink


A Crewed Interest

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